Street Projects

  1. West Watson Road

    Road Improvements to West Watson Road between S. Lindbergh and Robyn Rd.

  2. Sidewalk Improvements

    Oates Engineering and the City are working together to seek grant monies and augment the connectivity of the Sunset Hills sidewalk network. This effort has become ongoing construction projects.

  3. Hadley Hill Rd.

    A "possible" project to improve Hadley Hill from highway 30 to the cul-de-sac at the end of Hadley Hill Rd.

  4. Concrete Slab Replacements

    Locate details regarding the construction and work involved with concrete slabs replacements in Sunset Hills.

  5. Reclamite

    Restorative seal and life expectancy extending material to be applied to the recent overlay of Kennerly Rd.

  6. 2016 Public Works Garage Roof Replacement

    A replacement of the roof on the Public Works Garage Roof

5 Year Capital Improvement Plan
View the PowerPoint presentation (PDF) over the 5 Year Capital Improvement Plan.

Utility Repairs
When utilities dig within city right of way, they make temporary repairs then contract out the final repairs of the street pavement within a couple of months to insure for proper compaction of the back fill of the project.