Chip Seal


The City of Sunset Hills Public Works Department will contractor for the application of a small aggregate (1/4") chip seal to three (3) streets.  A chip seal involves the application of and asphalt binder with small rock to the surface of the street.  This material is rolled into the binder with a rubber tire'd roller.

Specifically, this 1/4" Chip Seal product was developed in recent years and has proved more effective in reducing loose rock (knock off) and providing a quick solid surface that provides an effective surface to keep water from attacking the structural sub-base of the street.  The contractor will make the application of the product to the streets listed in the contract and return a week later to sweep off any remaining loose knock-off.  After that, the striping sub-contractor will return within a couple of weeks to re-apply pavement markings.
2021 Chip Seal Map

1) Mentz Hill Acres

Mentz Hill Acres

2) Weber Hill Rd.

Weber Hill

3) Bridal Trail

Bridal Trail

Pictures of the Process

A distributor truck applies the SS-1 binder in a specified thickness per square foot

Distributor truck applies the SS-1 Binder in a specified thickness per square foot

Then a calibrated amount of aggregate (rock chips) are applied to the surface

A calibrated amount of aggregate (rock chips) are applied to the surface

Crews follow-up with clean up and rolling of the rock into the SS-1 Binder

Crews follow up with clean up and rolling of the rock into the SS-1 binder

2021 Application of Weber Hill Road


 Bidder Price per SY Extended Amount
NB West $3.38 $49,415.60 
Gershenson Construction$4.00$58,480.00
Missouri Petroleum$5.00$73,100.00

  • 4-27-21 - The Board of Aldermen awarded this project to NB West with the addition of the rest of Weber Hill Rd.
  • 7-27-21 - NB West indicates they will be on-site, weather pending on Monday, August 2nd.  They plan to do Mentz Hill Acres and Bridal Trail before moving to Weber Hill.  They expect to get this project down in one day.  There is an open asphalt collar on a Weber Hill storm sewer grate that will need patching before this occurs.  Staff is making contact with MSD to expedite this work.  As we know more details, they will be posted here. 
  • 7-30-21 - NB West indicates they will be on-site Monday (8-2-21) to crack seal joint, Tuesday (8-3-21) to apply the chip seal, and striping will happen some time later.
  • 8-2-21 - Sweetens is crack sealing this project as a sub-contractors to NB West.  NB West called to say the chips seal will not take place tomorrow, but rather on Wednesday (8-4-21).
  • 8-4-21 - NB West is on-site.  They are applying the chip seal first to Weber Hill Road first.  They applied chip seal to Bridal Trail in the afternoon.  They then moved to Mentz Hill Acres.  They were finished with the last street and de-mobilizing at 5pm.  Some wash-boarding of rock is occurring on Weber Hill Road.   This will go away with clean up operations planned in the coming days. 
  • 8-6-21 - NB West swept up excess rock today.
  • 8-10-21 - NB West reports their striping contractor will be on site Monday (8-16-21) pending good weather to apply striping to Weber Hill.


  • 8-27-21 - The Contractor should complete this project.