Nova Chip



The City of Sunset Hills Public Works Department will be applying a Nova Chip to several streets to be determined in 2019. 

Nova Chip is a product the City has used successfully on numerous asphalt pavements, including the Sunset Manor neighborhood, connector routes like Rott Rd., (including the entrance to the rear of Sunset Plaza), Mentz Hill Rd. and other streets throughout the City.

These streets will be done in 2019

Overall map

1) Mentz Hill Acres

Mentz Hill Acres

2) Kennerly Spur

Kennerly Spur

3) Hausfel


4) Parkholm (off Eddie & Park)


5) Wembley Woods

A Nova Chip is a type of asphalt, typically more porous, but has a different application of the bonding agent that is immediately before the placement of the material. You can drive on it almost immediately after rolling it out. You'll note this material used by MoDOT on I-44 and I-270, north of I-44.
Here are some pictures of the process as applied in 2010 to Lombardy Lane in Sunset Hills:

Paving machine spreads the material evenly.

Paving machine

Rolling the material falls right in behind placement by the paver

Rolling the material falls right in behind placement by the paver

Hand work right along side the rolling operation

Hand work right alongside the rolling operation

Finished product is almost immediately ready for traffic

Finished product

Here's video NB West produced about the process

Project Updates

 OrderContractor  Unit Price Extended
 1West Contracting $13.00 $133,549.00
 2 Pace Construction$22.47 $230,855.00
  • 8-13-19 - The Board of Aldermen awarded this project to NB West.
  • 9-25-19 - NB West reports, "We are still 2-3 weeks out from being able to pave."
  • 10-9-19 - NB West reports that they plan to be on-site October 28th. 
  •  10-21-19 - NB West reports they will be on site to profile grind streets this Thursday and follow up with paving on Friday.  This will conflict with the ongoing bridge work on Mentz Hill Acres Rd.  A possible shift for this work will be on Saller to maintain job size quantity for this work this year.
  • 10-22-19 - Mentz Hill Acres will not have the Nova Chip application this year.  We will place this in for a 1/4" chip seal for 2020 based on the performance we observed with that product this year. We added Saller to the list of streets for the Nova Chip program for 2019.
  • 10-24-19 - West is rained out today.  They plan to start tomorrow with grinding and plan to be here through next Tuesday (10-29-19) profile grinding and paving.
  • 10-25-19 - West is profile grinding today.  Their sequence will be:
    1. Hausfel
    2. Kennerly Spur
    3. Saller
    4. Parkholm
    5. Wembley Woods
      They will continue with paving on Monday & Tuesday in reverse sequence.
  • 10-27-19 - All streets were profile ground on Friday.  West reports they ran behind on the previous job to Sunset Hills and need to wrap the project up today.  With the cooling temps predicted, the Sunset Hills project will be delayed until warmer temperatures will allow for the paving of the project.  We will try to keep this page updated with information we hear from West Contracting on when they can make it in to perform this work in Sunset Hills.
  • 10-28-19 - West says the temperature tomorrow will be sufficient for application, but they plan to sun a finer gradation of Nova Chip in the cul-de-sacs only. They will pave in separate manners on all streets with this order:
    • Cul-de-sacs of:
      1. Hausfel
      2. Saller
      3. Wembley Woods
    • Main pavement areas of:
      1. Wembley Woods
      2. Parkholm
      3. Saller
      4. Kennerly Rd. spur
      5. Hausfel
  • 10-29-19 - West Contracting is on-site and following the plan as detailed from yesterday's discussion.  At 11am, the site superintendent was placing mix in the Saller cul-de-sac.  He felt they would get Saller and the Wembley Woods cul-de-sacs completed today, but that the rest of the project will happen as weather will allow on another day.  Rain is in the forecast for the next couple of days.  It looks like it will be Friday before weather may allow Nova Chip application on the straight sections of pavement.
  • 11-1-19 - West reports they will be back on-site Monday & Tuesday (November 4th & 5th) to complete the project.  Their plan looks like:
    • Monday (November 4th)
      • Hausfel
      • Kennerly Spur
      • Saller
    • Tuesday (November 5th)
      • Wembley Woods
      • Parkholm
  • 11-4-19 - West is on-site applying Nova Chip today
  • 11-5-19 - West completed their application of Nova Chip on this project today.


  • 11-11-19 - Contractor pavement marking contractor will complete restoration of stop bars on Wembley Woods & the Kennerly Spur.