City Hall

  1. Agendas & Minutes

    Visit the Agenda Center for easily searchable meeting agendas and minutes for boards, commissions, and committees.

  2. Boards & Committees

    Boards, Commissions & Committees

  3. Calendar

    What is going on Where in the City of Sunset Hills

  4. City Statistics

    Browse through a list of the City of Sunset Hills demographic statistics.

  5. Code of Ordinances

    Visit Municode to read through the City of Sunset Hills City Ordinances.

  6. County, State & Federal Links

    A list of county, state, and federal websites.

  1. Departments

    From Police to Public Works to Municipal Court to documentation of City Hall Administration, this is your page to finding the right services you need in the City of Sunset Hills.

  2. Documents

    Browse through all organizational documents, forms, applications, and brochures.

  3. Elected City Officials

    Find contact information for the city Mayor, the Aldermen in charge of each ward, and the city Collector.

  4. Elections

    Find out how you can make a declaration of candidacy, see a list of qualifications for candidates, etc.

  5. Employment Opportunities

    Browse job openings, download an application, or email your resume.

  6. Mayor

    Details and contact information for your Sunset Hills Mayor.

  1. Ordinances (Not Yet Codified)

    Ordinances that have been approved but not yet codified.

  2. Public Hearings

    Browse through public hearings by viewing the Countain, the public hearing calendar, Document Center, and the map of active public hearings.

  3. Public Notices

    Find public notices by the Countian, calender, documents, and a Google map of the active public notices.

  4. Representative Information

    Find contact information for the Sunset Hills District and elected Representatives.

  5. Staff Directory

    Search through contact information for all organization staff and departments.

  6. Wards 1-4 Area Map

    View the Ward area map to find out who your representatives are.