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    Volunteer Boards & Commissions provide immeasurable support to our Community

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    What is going on Where in the City of Sunset Hills.

  3. City Statistics

    Browse through a list of the City of Sunset Hills demographic statistics.

  4. Churches

    Search through a list of churches you can become apart of in Sunset Hills.

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    Find answers to the most commonly asked questions.

  1. Forms - City Hall

    Complete and submit an organizational or department form online.

  2. Forms - Public Works

    Permit forms used by the Public Works Department

  3. Hazardous Waste Disposal

    The Saint Louis County Department of Health permanent household hazardous waste collection facility is now open. Find out what items are accepted and which items will cost an additional fee.

  4. History

    Complete with a corporate recap, this page also links you to an online version of the History involved with the Sunset Hills Area.

  5. News

    Have quick access to weather resources; National weather service, river stage information, and FEMA and SEMA disaster assistance information.

  6. Newsletter

    Find all the Sunset Hills Horizon newsletters for the City of Sunset Hills.

  1. Public Hearings

    Browse through public hearings by viewing the Countain, the public hearing calendar, Document Center, and the map of active public hearings.

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    Find public notices by the Countian, calender, documents, and a Google map of the active public notices.

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    Find available residential and commercial properties in your community.

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    The what, where, and when, with daily updates for Street Projects in the City.

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    Search for a school that works for both you and your family between public, private, or vocational / technical schools.

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    Find service phone numbers for local utility providers, information about waste haulers, and service fees.