Sidewalk Improvements

The City of Sunset Hills hoped for a long time to build better community by connecting subdivisions with a sidewalk network. As far back as July of 2002, a sidewalk Master Plan was developed for the City by Burns & McDonnell.   Flash forward to 2014, the City solicited RFP's to area firms for evaluation, selection, and design of sidewalk projects to improve and interconnect the City's sidewalk network.

In August of 2014, the City received submissions from 11 firms for consideration of this work and Oates Associated was interviewed and selected as the successful engineering firm at the September 2014 Public Works Committee and approved at the following Board of Aldermen Meeting. 

In October of 2014, the Public Works Committee met with the Oates design team.  Oates was assigned the task of working with Director of Public Works Baker to prioritize projects, seek grant funding, and place emphasis on Rott Road, Eddie & Park, East Watson, and Denny Road.  A desire was also expressed to look at S. Lindbergh if grant monies were available.

East Watson
A Public Input Meeting for the East Watson sidewalk was held at the Community Center on 3-17-16.  A copy of the plans have been scanned into PDF file format and can be found here.  

6-2-16 - The City is in receipt of 
have preliminary plans with input of the public meeting incorporated into them.  Oates will start on final plans soon.  Oates and the City are currently working out the details to save the trees close to S. Lindbergh.

East Watson Sidewalk Aerials

E. Watson

The Aerial Photographs to the left , were part of the Public Input meeting held at the Community Center on 3-17-16.  About 20 residents along and close to this project attended.  They provided a list of their concerns and comments about the project.  The top photo is close to S. Lindbergh, the middle is by Sunset Woods / Woodfox / Woodpark,  and the bottom is close to our City Limit with Crestwood.

The PDF of the file associated with the image to the left is online and can be found here.

Eddie & Park
Oates & Associates completed plans for construction of a sidewalk from the Kitun Dog Park to points east along the north side of Eddie & Park to Robyn.  This project is currently under construction.  Here are separate links to plans and specifications for this project.

  • 3-29-16 - Bids were received and here is a tabulation:
  •  Bid Order  Bidder  Bid Amount
     1  Spencer Contracting  $123,646.23
     2  L. Krupp Construction  $137,323.07
     3  KJ Unnerstall  $143,085.75
     4 RV Wagner  $160,105.55
     5 Tramar  $164,288.00
  • 4-26-16 - The Board of Aldermen awarded this project to Spencer Contracting.
  • 4-27-16 - A Notice of Award was sent to Spencer Contracting for this project.
  • 5-31-16 - All paperwork is in order for Spencer Contracting.  They have been issued a Notice to Proceed for this project.
  • 6-1-16 - A Pre-construction Meeting was held at 1:00pm in the Public Works Conference Room.  Work is scheduled to start tomorrow with excavation of the sidewalk areas.
  • 6-2-16 - Spencer Contracting is on-site and starting the excavation and demo work associated with placement of the sidewalk today.  They plan to be placing wall by tomorrow.  There will be lane outages with this work.  Spencer will have flag-men in the area as this occurs.  Please observe extra care when traveling on Eddie & Park between Robyn & Lindbergh.
  • 6-3-16 - Spencer Contracting is on-site excavating and preparing for wall placement in the area west of Truman Middle School.
  • 6-6-16 - Spencer Contracting has their wall contractor setting wall today.  They are also excavating out the exit from Truman Middle School.
  • 6-7-16 - Spencer Contracting has their wall sub-contractor on-site setting more wall.  They are excavating the side walk area in front of the school over to Robyn today.
  • 6-8-16 - Spencer is continuing with excavation work close to Robyn and removing excess dirt from the site.  They are also starting in with concrete forms close to Kitun Dog Park and working their way east.
  • 6-9-16 - Spencer continues with layout close to the stair area by Truman Middle School.  They are setting forms on the site today.
  • 6-10-16 - Spencer continues to set sidewalk forms on the project today.
  • 6-13-16 - Spencer is grading rock within the forms for a planned pour tomorrow.
  • 6-14-16 - Spencer is pouring close to Robyn and working their way west from there.
  • 6-15-16 - Spencer is preparing the area close to the Truman exit today.
  • 6-16-16 - Spencer is pouring the area close to the Truman exit today.
  • 6-17-16 - Spencer is not on-site.
  • 6-20-16 - Spencer is preparing the sidewalk area into the dog park today.
  • 6-21-16 - Spencer is pouring out the remaining sidewalk areas to the project today.
  • 6-22-16 - Spencer is wrecking concrete forms, back-filling excavated areas and generally cleaning up the site today.
  • 6-23-16 - Spencer is not on-site.
  • 6-24-16 - Spencer is not on-site.  They called to indicate they will have their finish asphalt crew on-site Monday to complete the entrance to the park and exit for the school.  Later in the day it was observed that a paver was delivered to site for that purpose.
  • 6-27-16 - Spencer is on-site to place the final lift of finish grade asphalt for the entrance to the dog park and exit of Truman Middle School.
  • 6-28-16 - Spencer is not on-site today.
  • 6-29-16 - Spencer had a couple employees on-site breaking up dirt clods and performing some minor clean-up.
  • 6-30-16 - Spencer is not on-site today.
  • 8-30-16 - Spencer states that they plan to be on-site in mid-September to complete the remaining project items of sod placement  and pavement markings.
  • 10-24-16 - Spencer will be on-site later this week or early next week to correct panels of concrete where the concrete failed and some areas that have a greater than 2% cross slope.
  • 11-7-16 - Spencer was on-site removing bad panels of sidewalk from this project.  Final inspection found panels with poor materials and some areas were out of spec with regard to ADA compliance.
  • 11-28-16 - A second walk through of the project yielded that all items were properly corrected and the project is complete.

S. Lindbergh
(Eddie & Park to E. Watson)
There is also news regarding a new sidewalk along S. Lindbergh between Eddie & Park and E. Watson. The City has been awarded a grant administered through MODOT for a sidewalk on the east side of S. Lindbergh in this area.  The Public Works Committee recommended Oates & Associates to perform the design.

  • 6-2-16Oates is about to start on preliminary plans for submission to MODOT for the S. Lindbergh sidewalk.   Surveyors should be on site within a few days and there will also be some property acquisitions with this project.