Hadley Hill Rd.

Hadley Hill Rd.
Hadley Hill Rd. Improvements
Part of the 5 year Capital Improvements Projects Program called for the improvement of Hadley Hill Rd. from Highway 30 to the cul-de-sac in 2014   There are numerous problems with shallow shelf rock, exposed water mains, narrow pavement, existing roadway outside of the 60' right of way, etc.  The City's intent is to work with residents in this area to come up with a plan to mitigate these issues and build a safer road with storm water enhancements.  This road would not be eligible for Federal funding due to it's lack of connectivity, so the City of Sunset hills will have to bear the entire cost associated with any improvements to this road.

At the end of June of 2014, the Public Works Department received 10 responses to an RFP for this project.  These proposals have been studied and evaluated by City personnel.

In September, Director of Public Works Baker asked the Public Works Committee about this project since it was in the plan for improvement and the department was receiving calls asking if it was on our radar, and the pavement rated clsoe to the bottom of the City's street network in pavement quality.  The Public Works Committee asked the Public Works Department to hold a Public Input Meeting so that a design criteria could "potentially" be developed for a project to make improvements here.  

A November 10, 2014 meeting was held and resident input was gathered.

​Current Status
The Public Works Committee has recommended HR Green as a consultant for the design of this project.