City Campus Parking Rehabilitation

The City of Sunset Hills will be replacing perimeter asphalt curbing with concrete curb & gutter, removing the asphalt pavement and replacing same with new asphalt paving on the City Campus. 

This project is anticipated to be completed in phases with the City Hall and Community Center parking areas replaced in 2019.  It is hoped the remainder (Public Works Garage & Police Facility) with associated connecting roads will be completed in 2020.

This page will follow the format of the other City Project pages with project plan preparation, a PDF of the bid package, bidding tabulations, review/award information, and daily updates of progress as the project gets underway.


Contractor Bid Repair Soft Soil
Jokerst $217,891.67 $65.00 / Ton
$249,895.25 $37.50 / Ton
Ford Asphalt $260,074.45 $50.00 / Ton
Leritz $339,360.79 $112.40 / Ton

2019 Parking