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Entry of Appearance / Request for Recommendation / Request for Discovery

  • Mail your entry of appearance, a separate request for a recommendation or request for discovery (if applicable) and current driving record to: City of Sunset Hills Municipal Court, 3939 S. Lindbergh Blvd., Sunset Hills, MO  63127.
  • You must provide a self-addressed envelope for each request.
  • The Municipal Court also accepts entries and recommendation requests via

  • The Municipal Prosecutor will review requests during the week of the scheduled court date.  You will receive a new date for either appearance or payment on the recommendation response.
  • If you have filed the request before the scheduled court date, do not appear on the court date, the court file will not be available for review at that time.
  • Due to the volume of calls the Municipal Court Office receives, if you wish to confirm receipt of your entry and request, do not call the Municipal Court Office.  Instead, submit a “return receipt” copy of your entry which will be date and stamped returned to you.  Please provide an additional self-addressed envelope for return of confirmation.

Additional Enclosures

  • Tickets resulting from an accident will require a letter from the defendant’s insurance company stating that all property damage claims have been settled or that the insurance company / defendant is accepting liability for the accident.
    • Please make sure the date of the claim is a match to the date of the incident. 
    • For charges involving circumstances that may be brought into compliance, please include proof of insurance, proof of registration, or renewal of operator’s license.

Accepting your recommendation

  • On charges of Driving while intoxicated, possession of narcotics, abuse and lose charges, driving while suspended or revoked, stealing, and assault an appearance in Court by the attorney will most likely be required to accept the recommendation.  If you cannot attend Court, do not accept the case. 
  • On any case involving an amendment of the charges, fines and costs are due on the night of sentencing.  No amendments will be entered, until all fines and costs are paid in full. 

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