Monument Sign

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The City is seeking proposals from qualified contractors to design and construct a City of Sunset Hills monument sign. The current vision is a masonry sign that includes the wording City of Sunset Hills.  The proposed sign will incorporate some of the historic blocks of granite that the City has in its possession.  A Concept Sketch showing a suitable idea for the monument can be seen below. Creativity will be left to the discretion of the contractor.  Similar or different designs will be considered.

The sign will be approximately 3-6 feet in width and 5-8 feet in height.

It will also include solar lighting as part of the project.  

The sign is expected to be located on Lindbergh Boulevard, facing North, immediately south of I-44.  There is an existing City entrance sign at this location.  

The scope of this project is for one sign; however depending on cost as many as six additional signs may be negotiated and purchased for other locations.  If more signs are made a part of this project, look for those details to be placed here.

Bids for this project will be due on Friday, June 2nd at 10:00am.  A copy of the bid package is available online at: 

Other details and project updates will be posted below.

  Project Update

  • 4-26-17 - City personnel assembled bid documents and solicited them to contractors and plan rooms in the area.
  • 5-1-17 - A pre-bid meeting was held.  The following is a list of questions answered:
    • Do bidders have access to look at the material available for the project?  Yes, the material is large chunks of granite and are available for viewing at the Parks Maintenance Yard behind 12450 W. Watson
    • Is the design completely open to any idea?  Absolutely, the City is not tied to a design.  The sketch prepared is be used as a guide for a concept, not necessarily as a plan for the project.  We hope to access available creativity toward this project.
    • Lighting to be solar powered?  Yes
    • Can the electrical boxes be made out of brushed aluminum rather than stainless steel?  Yes.
    • Contact for the project?  Bryson Baker @
  • 6-2-17 - Bids were opened with the following result:
     Bidder  One Sign  Seven Signs
     Ziglin Signs (Option 1)  $19,555 $120,562 
     Ziglin Signs (Option 2)
     $27,873  $160,121
     Bill Yount Signs  $19,381.57  $99,432.40
     The Harlan Co. $27,300   $191,000
     HOF Construction  $52,000  $300,000