Municipal Zoning Approval (Building Permits)

A Building Permit is required whenever you build or change a structure (i.e. new homes, additions, pools, garages, etc.) within the city. An application for a Municipal Zoning Approval (PDF) from the City of Sunset Hills is your first step to getting the actual permit from St. Louis County. The city reviews your request for zoning conformance then you take the zoning approval letter to St. Louis County for the actual Building Permit review. Zoning approvals from the city normally take 2 weeks, so you will need to place this into your schedule. St. Louis County's review time depends upon the complexity of the project and can vary from a few days to a few weeks. St. Louis County will not accept your plans without a zoning approval letter from the City of Sunset Hills. You need to start with your zoning approval part of the process with the city first.


Individual residential zoned lots must show erosion control provisions, grading limits, low floor elevations and storm water improvements. Storm water improvements including piping, swales and ditches on the plot plan. These items are approved as part of the building permit.

Completing the Process

You need to put together 2 copies of your plans, complete with "Site Plans." The site plan portion of the submission will need to show the property lines and the building "foot print" with all dimensions necessary to determine setback compliance for zoning.  You pay the fee associated with this work at submission. After approval by the Public Works Department, you will be contacted by phone to come and pick up your plans to take them the St. Louis County and the Fire District.  The City returns a copy to you.  Filings at County are electronic, but you'll take the paper copy to your Fire District (Mehlville or Fenton) depending on the address for the work.  You will pay your deposit for Municipal Zoning Approval to the City of Sunset Hills at the time of pickup.

Fee & Deposit

The fee (payable at the time of plan submission) and deposit (payable at time of plan pick-up) go to separate accounts and therefore need separate checks made payable to "The City of Sunset Hills." The deposit is refundable at the end of the job when an appropriate Occupancy Permit is issued and the job is cleaned up and all vegetation and landscaping work has been completed. A phone call needs to be made to City Hall for final inspection for release of the deposit.  For new homes or any change of Occupancy, an Occupancy Permit will be required by the City of Sunset Hills for release of an escrow.  This is separate from your "Final" from St. Louis County that indicates occupancy is allowed on that document.  Your actual Occupancy Permit is issued by the City of Sunset Hills.