ROW Use Permits

A ROW (Right of Way) Use permit for Overhead or Excavation work is required for all utility overhead work or digging within the rights of way maintained by the City of Sunset Hills. This includes new driveway aprons that attach to city streets. This does not include private roadways on private property, but does include their connection within street rights of way. Such aprons are considered private attachments to the City's Street Network and therefor do not require inspection or meet City street pavement thickness requirements. Contractors are responsible to the property owner or companies that hire them for this work. Excavations within County roads or State areas are handled by those jurisdictions.  
For Small Cell Facility installation or other overhead work, see bottom of page.

Access a ROW Use Permit Application (PDF) to begin the process.

Form Input Instructions

Please list the date of application, location, type, and duration of the work in the first section of the form. The next section is contact information for the contractor and site manager. The third section are details required for excavations. The length, width and subsequent area information applies to the work area being disturbed within the city's right-of-way. This will determine the deposit amount applicable for the excavation. Whether digging or working overhead, the form requires a signature. City Staff will complete the rest of the form for the issuance of the permit.  

Please provide a picture of the City pavement in the area to verify condition before the project start.  The City keeps these with applications for our protection and for the applicant.

Fee Information

The Fee is $25.

Please note: Two checks will be required to issue a permit.  Typically a $25 Fee along with an area-based amount for an escrowed deposit.  Checks are both deposited, but into separate accounts.  The escrow can be sizeable, but will refunded assuming proper restoration of the site including full re-establishment of any associated vegetation.  More information regarding the escrowed deposit can be found below.  A phone call needs to be made to City Hall for final inspection to trigger the subsequent release of the escrow deposit.

Deposit Information

In lieu of the next section, an Excel Spreadsheet has been prepared in an online version to help you calculate the deposit required.

You will need to know the length and width to calculate the amount of area (in square feet) you are disturbing within the city's right-of-way.

Excavation Deposits

From the City Code, Excavation Deposits are calculated in the following manner:

  • Except as provided in the 3rd paragraph, before any permit within the purview of this division is issued by the street commissioner, the applicant therefor shall deposit with the city:
  • For each excavation up to 10 square feet, the sum of $50
  • For each excavation of more than 10 square feet and less than 50 square feet, the sum of $100
  • For each excavation in excess of 50 square feet, an additional $25 for each 10 additional square feet or fraction thereof
  • If, within 90 days after an excavation by the permittee, the permittee restores the pavement in satisfactory form, such deposit shall be refunded to him; otherwise the city shall use the deposit for the purpose of employing others to restore the pavement and surface, and the permittee shall be liable to the city for any cost in excess of the amount of the deposit, plus a penalty of 25 per cent of the total cost of restoration. If the deposit is more than sufficient to restore the surface, the city shall retain out of the excess an amount equal to 25 per cent of the cost of restoration and refund the balance, if any, to the permittee.
  • In lieu of the payment of the deposit required by first paragraph of this section, any person having occasion to make frequent openings or excavations, may post a bond with the city in the amount deemed proper by the street commissioner. Such bond shall be conditioned that said person shall restore the pavement or surface in satisfactory form. In such case, permits shall be issued for work from time to time upon application therefor. In the event of the permittee's failure to restore the surface within the time provided in the second paragraph of this section, the city may employ others to restore the surface and charge the permittee therefore with the same penalty as provided in the second paragraph of this section. The cost of the resurfacing charges incurred by the city will be deducted from the standing deposit.

Excavation Inspection Notes

  • Subgrade of all pavement
  • Backfill of areas under city pavement need to be in the form of 1" minus rock and compacted in 1-foot lifts.
  • An inspection is required before the placement of the pavement.
  • Contact the Street Superintendent 24 hours in advance of inspection at 314-842-6080.


  • Thickness is typically 8" of X-Mix and 2" of C-Mix
  • Asphalt patches need to be square cut with a pavement cutter
  • Vertical walls of patches need to be sprayed black (not merely placed via a pour pot & broomed) with SS-1 binder.
  • X-Mix need application in 3 lifts & compaction for the 8" thickness
  • C-Mix also has compaction for the final 2" surface lift.
  • Asphalt patches need to be permanent and require a perimeter CRF seal application.


  • If the location of an excavation in a concrete slab is 1/3 or more away from a lateral control joint, the entire concrete slab will need to be replaced
  • Concrete pavement thickness will need to be matched and are 7" or 8" throughout the city's network
  • Connection to existing joints will need #5 bars at 2-foot centers drilled at least to a 6" depth, then epoxy cemented into existing concrete slabs.


  • Vegetation re-establishment means grass is growing, not simply that seed and straw have been placed in the area.

Additional Information

The online City Code relative to excavations has many of the answers to other questions concerning Excavation Permits.

Again, the fee and deposit go to separate accounts and therefore need separate checks made payable to "The City of Sunset Hills." The deposit is refundable at the end of the job when the job is cleaned up and all vegetation and associated paving work has been re-established. A phone call needs to be made to City Hall for final inspection to trigger the subsequent release of the escrow deposit.

Other jurisdictions

Highways 30, 270, & 44 as well as S. Lindbergh are MODOT rights of way. See: 

Private Streets

Below is a list of private streets within Sunset Hills.  On these streets, you will want to coordinate with the subdivision trustees to make sure they are aware of your planned activities on their property.

Allswell Circle
Allswell Pointe
Allswell Lane
Balmagoun Lane
Belfast Drive
Benbury (north of Leebur)
Birch Tree (off Eddie & Park)
Birdhaven Lane
Bond Place
Break Ct.
Caddyshack Circle
Chateau Chura Drive
Chrisann Lane
Country Club Greens
Court Drive
Courtyard Circle Drive
Courtyard Lake Drive
Courtyard Place Drive
Cottage Ridge Lane
Dieterle Lane
Edelen Lane
Edwards Place
Eggeling Lane
Fox Meadows
Friendship Village
Gary Player Drive
Golfinhurst Lane
Gravois Ridge Road
Kahalia Way Court
Landmark Office Drive
Little Baisch Lane
Lynn Lane 
Maple Drive
Marchem Circle
Mauer Industrial Drive
Meppen (south of Helta)
Moresi Drive
Oakcrest Estates Court
Parklind Drive (off Denny)
Pagada Parkway
Roanna (past concrete circle)
Rock Alva Road
Rosalind Court
Roosevelt (off Robyn)
Sappington Circle
Sappington Place
Southgate Lane
Sunny Dawn Court
Sunset Chase Drive
Sunset Glen Drive
Sunset Grove Court
Sunset Office Drive 
Sunset View Estates
Sutton Place
Tapawingo Place
Winter Estates Drive

Overhead work

For those performing work including the installation of Small Wireless Facility Equipment (less that 6CF) or other overhead improvements, an additional application detailing this activity is required.   The Small Wireless Facility Permit Application is fairly self-explanatory, can be filled out online, printed out, signed, and submitted with the cover ROW Use Application to complete & expedite the process.  If you have questions, please call the Public Works Office at 314-849-3400.