Snow Removal

This page will provide you with general information regarding the effort the City of Sunset Hills puts forth to remove snow. This is your best place to start when you need to find out the latest information on in-process snow removal efforts.
Snow Removal Operation Specifics
  • The city has a 10 man street department (4 men from the Parks Department will help with snow removal) for a total of a 14 man snow removal operation.
  • There are 208 Streets in the city.
  • The city removes snow from 55.26 miles of street.
  • Off hours call outs are made by a private weather forecasting service contracted by the city for 24 hour notification capability.
  • If more than 4" of snow are forecast, shifts of 6 men will be placed on the job.
  • The crews have to concentrate first on the main routes before clearing and salting subdivision streets.
  • During removal, there is 1 truck per route concentrating on the main routes first, then the secondary routes before the second pass will be made.
  • Cars parked on the street provide real access problems for snow removal trucks. Please see to it that your vehicle is not parked in the street during snow events.
  • Cul-de-sacs take extra time and care to service.
  • We cannot service cul-de-sacs with cars parked in them.
  • The city cannot provide private service for driveways.
  • State and county routes are not cleared by city crews. These are serviced by the respective jurisdiction.

Snow Removal Route Map

Snow Map-2017

The map above shows the different Snow Removal Routes.
Main route are in Bold color.
Black routes are served by the City pickup truck.

Private Street Snow Removal Note

There are several private streets that the City does not plow.  Some have maintenance issues that are keeping them from being on our list for snow removal service. Two people on each of these streets have been notified by mail that their street is currently not on the snow removal route for this year. Those letters gave the specific reasons as to why they would not be serviced. It gave the contact information of the Street Superintendent to call for re-inspection.  Only after successful re-inspection of the street, can it be placed back on the route for snow removal service.  If you live on the following streets, you are on a private street. Private streets that will not be serviced because of maintenance issues are marked with a red asterisk (*below.     

  • Allswell Circle 
  • Allswell Pointe
  • Allswell Lane  
  • Balmagoun Lane 
  • Belfast Drive * 
  • Benbury Court (north of Leebur)
  • Birch Tree Lane (off Eddie & Park) * 
  • Birdhaven Lane * 
  • Bond Place 
  • Break
  • Caddyshack Circle
  • Chateau Chura Drive
  • Chavez
  • Chrisann Lane * 
  • Collar
  • Country Club Greens  
  • Court Drive
  • Courtyard Circle Drive
  • Courtyard Lake Drive
  • Courtyard Place Drive
  • Cottage Ridge Lane * 
  • Dieterle Lane
  • Edwards Place
  • Eggeling Lane
  • Edelen Lane
  • Flagstick
  • Fox Meadows
  • Fringe
  • Gary Player Drive  
  • Gladlea *
  • Golfinhurst Lane
  • Gravois Ridge Road
  • Kahalia Way Court
  • Kimker   
  • Landmark Office Drive * 
  • Little Baisch Lane * 
  • Lynn Lane 
  • Maple Drive
  • Marchem Circle
  • Maret  
  • Mauer Industrial Drive * 
  • Meppen (south of Helta)
  • Moresi Drive * 
  • Oakcrest Estates Court
  • Parklind Drive (off Denny)
  • Pagada Parkway 
  • Roanna (past the concrete circle)
  • Rock Alva Road * 
  • Rosalind Court * 
  • Roosevelt (off Robyn)
  • Sappington Circle
  • Sappington Place * 
  • Southgate Lane 
  • Sunny Dawn Court
  • Sunset Chase Drive
  • Sunset Glen Drive * 
  • Sunset Grove Court * 
  • Sunset Office Drive * 
  • Sunset View Estates * 
  • Sunset Woods 
  • Sutton Place
  • Tapawingo Place 
  • Timbercreek  
  • Winter Estates Drive * 
  • Workbench

Update Information for Snow Days

If you would like a direct link to the latest snow removal weather information, you can go to National Weather Service where they have the forecast and a link to weather radar for St. Louis. They have the latest weather information in the form of a radar loop.

We also now have the capability to pre-treat when we know snow is coming.  This is proving to be an effective means to keep frozen liquid from sticking to the surface once removal operations start.
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