Concrete Slab Replacements


The Concrete Slab Replacement Project basically replaces slabs that have structurally failed. Slab selection is done in mid to late Spring by City personnel. 
2021 Slabs Map
2021 Concrete Slabs Key Map

Bid Package

View the concrete bid announcement for details on the replacement work.
GIS Maps
Maps are developed in the City's GIS system. Every single slab is tagged, documented and eventually tracked by City personnel during construction phase. A bid package is written then solicited to concrete firms in the area for bid.

Work usually starts in early July and takes about 60 days to complete. 

Typical GIS Map

Assuming good weather in the process, from the time a slab is removed, to the time it is placed back with concrete, the process usually only takes about 2 days. Longer sections of pavement removed concurrently (large multiple slab areas) may require more time for preparation. Rain can also be a real problem when trying to get proper compaction of the rock subbase and thus cause delays with pouring the new concrete slab. 

Residents who incur driveway interruptions, should receive 24-hour notice from the contractor before disruption of access. Freshly poured concrete requires cure time. Residents will not be allowed to access their driveway until the concrete in front of their driveway has cured for 3 days. Concrete repair areas will not be open to general traffic until 5 days after the concrete is poured. The intent is to minimize the impact to driveway access. 

Residents with lawn sprinklers are asked not to run them when slabs on your side of the street are being replaced. The open holes collect water and the compaction of the sub-base is affected negatively when they get wet. The process of pouring takes longer to complete when holes get wet. Most contractors seem capable of getting open holes poured back within a couple of days during favorable weather conditions. If the concrete slab work causes damage to sprinklers and dog-wires, the contractor will make these repairs. Please make sure to point any problems out to the contractor or call City Hall to advise of any problems incurred along these lines. 

Access in the neighborhood will be tight during the concrete repair portion of the project. Please observe all warning signs, barricades and flagmen working in this area. Sections of the roadway will be restricted during most of the concrete repair portion of the project. Residents on the streets are advised to be aware of the construction activity. 

You are advised to keep your children away from fresh concrete. Damage to finished concrete is a violation of City Code 16-6 "Damaging City Property." Evidence will be gathered, repairs will be made, the City will be billed by the contractor. Bills will be placed in the file that will be made available to theProsecuting Attorney for referral to Juvenile Court.  There are possible fines, Court costs, administrative costs and restitution of associated repair bills. This work is expensive and violators will be prosecuted.

The contractor will be responsible for back-filling any open areas excavated behind the curb.  They will also seed & straw the area to help re-establish vegetation. The City of Sunset Hills will make any required repairs to asphalt driveway aprons damaged (due to this work) at that time. Concrete driveway damage is the direct responsibility of the concrete contractor to rectify with that affected homeowner. 

Check back to this webpage regularly for daily updates. These updates are posted below. Hopefully this webpage can be your source for 'up-to-date' information so that you might have answers to your questions if your concrete street is under construction. If the answer is not here, please do not hesitate to contact Wes Searcy. He is typically out in the field inspecting this work, but you can call and leave a message for him at 849-3400. Even better than that, you can e-mail him at 


  • 3-1-21 - City Staff are looking at several streets for slab selections.
  • 3-2-21 - City Staff are preparing bid documents.
  • 3-9-21 - The package was solicited to contractors and the Drexel Plan Room for a March 31, 2021 bid.
  • 3-31-21 - Bids for this project were received as follows:
  Bidder  7" Slabs  8" Slabs  Baskets (ea)  Cut Joints (LF)  Total Bid ($) Extra Rock (/ton) 
1 Sweetens $65.00 $72.00 $350.00  $3.00 $312,789.00 $75.00
 2 Spencer  $70.00 $80.00 $50.00  $2.75  $323,831.50 $36.75
 3 Raineri $85.00 $92.50 $250.00  $28.85  $393,657.50 $110.00
 4 RV Wagner $96.40 $109.40 $131.75  $50.00  $430,524.00 $50.00
 5 Infrastr_Mgt  $105.00  $109.00  $300.00  $10.00  $481,652.50  $75.00 

  • 4-27-21 - The  Board of Aldermen awarded this project to Sweetens Concrete Services.
  • 7-26-21 - Sweetens Concrete reports, "We are planning to start your project on September 7th, following the Holiday. However, if the weather continues to cooperate, we are making better time now than we had anticipated, and we may get started up to a couple of weeks prior to that."

Anticipated Events

  • 9-7-21 - The project should start
  • 12-7-21 - Project completion
Check back to this page daily for further updates regarding this project.

If you have specific questions about this project, Assistant City Engineer Wes Searcy can be reached at: