Chip Seal

Typical map

Streets TBD

The City of Sunset Hills Public Works Department will be applying a chip seal to the asphalt section of several streets in 2019.  A chip seal involves the application of and asphalt binder with small rock to the surface of the street.  This material is rolled into the binder with a rubber tire'd roller.


  • 5-15-19 - Bid specifications should prepared and solicited.
  • 6-6-11 - Bids will be received with results posted here.
 Bidder  Price per SY  Extended Amount
 Bidder A  $X.XX  $XX,XXX.XX
 Bidder B  $Y.YY  $YY,YYY.YY
  • 6-6-19 - The Public Works Committee will review and recommend a contractor for this work to the Board of Aldermen.  
  • 6-11-19 - The Board of Aldermen will award this project to a contractor.
  • 6-12-19 - A Notice of Award will be sent to the successful contractor.
  • 6-21-19 - A Pre-construction meeting will be held at City Hall.  Pans to be on-site, clean up of the existing surfaces, to perform the work duration of this project, anticipated sequence of streets, details of flyier placement upon front doors of affected homes the day before they do a particular street, equipment staging, plans to be back in a couple of days after the project is completed to sweep up any loose knock-off rocks,  ...will all be discussed with many of those details getting posted here.

First a distributor truck applies the SS-1 binder in a specified thickness per square foot

Distributor truck applies the SS-1 Binder in a specified thickness per square foot

Then a calibrated amount of aggregate (rock chips) are applied to the surface

A calibrated amount of aggregate (rock chips) are applied to the surface

Crews follow-up with clean up and rolling of the rock into the SS-1 Binder

Crews follow up with clean up and rolling of the rock into the SS-1 binder
(Sample from the 2011 Project)

  • 8-18-11 - Missouri Petroleum is expected on-site to start preparing the streets for the chip seal application on Monday (weather pending).
  • 8-22-11 - The project is started.  Missouri Petroleum is on Hausfel off of Kennerly Rd at 9am placing product.  By 11am, Missouri Petroleum was complete with Hausfel, Oleander Ct. and Joan Dr.  It appears they will be complete today.
  • 8-29-11 - NB West plan to come in Wednesday to sweep Benbury and apply a new chip seal to this pavement on Thursday this week.
  • 8-31-11 - NB West reports that they will be on-site tomorrow to apply the new chip seal on this street at about 11am, depending on when their crew finishes their first job in the morning.
  • 9-1-11 - NB West updated us late yesterday that they will be early to the site and will do their best to accommodate residents in and out of their driveways as they chip seal Benbury this morning.
  • 9-5-11 - NB West was on-site and removing extra rock from the project.