Chip Seal


The City of Sunset Hills Public Works Department will contractor for the application of a small aggregate (1/4") chip seal to three (3) streets.  A chip seal involves the application of and asphalt binder with small rock to the surface of the street.  This material is rolled into the binder with a rubber tire'd roller.

Specifically, this 1/4" Chip Seal product was developed in recent years and has proved more effective in reducing loose rock (knock off) and providing a quick solid surface that provides an effective surface to keep water from attacking the structural sub-base of the street.  The contractor will make the application of the product to the streets listed in the contract and return a week later to sweep off any remaining loose knock-off.  After that, the striping sub-contractor will return within a couple of weeks to re-apply pavement markings.
2022 Chip Seal Map

1)  East Robyn

2022 Robyn

2)  Eddie & Park

2022 Eddie Park

3) Sunset Terrace  (asphalt section by Eddie & Park)

2022 Sunset Terrace

Pictures of the Process

A distributor truck applies the SS-1 binder in a specified thickness per square foot

Distributor truck applies the SS-1 Binder in a specified thickness per square foot

Then a calibrated amount of aggregate (rock chips) are applied to the surface

A calibrated amount of aggregate (rock chips) are applied to the surface

Crews follow-up with clean up and rolling of the rock into the SS-1 Binder

Crews follow up with clean up and rolling of the rock into the SS-1 binder


  • 8-15-22 - Bid specifications were prepared. 
  • 8-16-22 - Bid package was solicited for bid to the Drexel website  
  • 8-25-22 - Bids were received at 10:00am with the following results:
 Bidder Price per SY
 (Over existing NovaChip)
Price per SY
(Over regular Asphalt)
 Extended Amount
Missouri Petroleum $6.90 $6.90$75,642.77 
Gershenson Construction$9.80
N.B. West Contracting$15.00$12.00$145,002.00

  • 9-16-22 - Missouri Petroleum will be crack sealing the site today.
  • 9-20-22 - Missouri Petroleum submitted their paperwork for this project.  A Notice to Proceed with issued to Missouri Petroleum to perform this work.  The report they expect to be on-site (weather pending) a week from tomorrow at about 9am to perform this work.
  • 9-26-22 - Missouri Petroleum indicated that the weather is too cool to perform this work this week.  They will be in at 9:00am on Monday, October 3rd to perform this work assuming the weather cooperates. 


  • 9-26-22 - The project should start.
  • 9-26-22 - The project should be complete.

2021 Application of Weber Hill Road