In-House Concrete Work

Joint Repair &  Slab Replacement

The Sunset Hills Street Department will be repairing  spalled joints & a few selected slabs of concrete on Grandview Hill Court.  This work is separate and should not be confused with the 2 Contracted Street Slab Replacements ongoing from last year (2021 Sweetens on Grandview Lake Drive) or this year's package to perform selected slab replacement work in the Matthews/Cinema/Robyn Hills area.

The repair work to Grandview Hill Court will combine a few full slab replacements along with joint repair.  The joint repair process will be a full depth cut of about 2' either side of the joint.  Reinforcing bars will be drilled into the remaining concrete with a pour of the new section divided by a 2-1/2" groove to maintain slab geometry.  This groove will be followed up with a deeper saw cut to insure separate of the newly repaired pair of slabs.  

 In-house Slab Replacements and Spalled Joint Repair on:
    • Grandview Hill Court
    • Hilltop Greens
    • Rotherwood
    • Wicksworth
    • Heathstone
    • Windsor Springs
    • Westmoore Meadows
    • MaClane Court
    • Eddie & Park Sidewalk
Below is a slideshow with maps of the streets where this work is planned.

Grandview Hill Ct - Joints

  • The Sunset Hills Street Department will be performing selected street slab, joint repair, and sidewalk section replacement in the City in 2022.  Look here for updates or contact Street Foreman Jason Miller at for details.