In-House Concrete Work

Street Slab Replacements

  • Cinema
  • Matthews
  • Pointe
  • Alswell
  • Werkdale
  • Grandview Lake Drive
  • Dennison Grove
Sidewalk Sections
  • Eddie & Park
  • Old Gravois (by Mini Ha-ha)
  • 5-15-19 - The Sunset Hills Street Department will be performing selected street slab and sidewalk section replacement in the City in 2019.  Look here for updates or contact Street Foreman Jason Miller at for details.
  • 7-9-19 - The street department crews will begin  replacing selected concrete street slabs on Grandview lake drive.
  • 7-15-19 - City street department crew has started the breaking and removing of selected street slabs on Grandview lake drive.
  • 7-18-19 - Street crew will be pouring  new concrete slab today.
  • 7-23-19 Crews will be removing broken concrete slabs to be repoured.