Field Operations


This division provides the routine patrol of the city. They also do the following:
  • Provide the booking, custody, and release of prisoners
  • Enforce traffic ordinances and laws
  • Investigate traffic, criminal, and noncriminal incidents
  • Perform crime prevention activities
  • Keep the peace
  • Enforce all laws and ordinances of this city and state
Our Field Operations acts as the front line of the department in providing services to the community and carrying out the mission of protecting lives and property. The division is staffed with 2 patrol lieutenants, 4 sergeants, 4 corporals, and 12 patrol officers.

Officers handle a wide variety of calls that involve criminal activity. They arrest numerous offenders each year. They also respond to noncriminal calls for service. Traffic related calls ranging from
  • Assisting motorists to handling a fatal auto accident
  • Property related calls lost, damaged, and found
  • Natural disasters
  • Wires down
  • Business and residential alarms
  • Sick cases and accidental injuries
  • Family disturbances
  • Animal bites
  • Crime prevention talks
  • Station tours
When the officers are not responding to dispatched calls they perform routine patrol duties that include carrying out traffic enforcement procedures, patrol in business areas, make business checks, and vacation checks. Officers are frequently required to respond to state and municipal court to testify and required to complete numerous hours of training each year.

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