Online History Booklet

The information in the chapters below, were obtained from the history booklet published originally from a 3rd grade project at Rott School in 1971. This eventually grew into an Eagle Scout project. In 1976, the Bi-Centennial Commission published a booklet containing this information. In 1982, as part of the 25th anniversary celebration of the City of Sunset Hills, the Silver Anniversary Committee of the City of Sunset Hills amended the 1976 publication.

There may be typographical errors. We hope to eventually correct these. However, grammatical inaccuracies may be from direct copy of the text into electronic form. These errors are likely the way the text originally read. We tried to reproduce the original text for this webpage and the intent is to try to preserve what was actually written. For example, the chapter "Forward" appears to be a "Foreword" type subject, but is printed as "Forward" in the text we copied for this online version of "The History of Sunset Hills."