River Stage Information

We will keep this link up on this page so that residents will have a means of quick access to river stage information on the Meramec.  The stages to look for on the Meramec at "Arnold" include:

W. Watson
    • 32.9' will flood W. Watson by the driving range
    • 34.2' will have water back to the hump bridge
    • 47' will have it back to Weber Hill
Old Gravois
For Old Gravois, we do not have anecdotal observation of the Arnold river stages of when it floods.  We do have land contour information in our GIS system that indicates water will cross Old Gravois at about 38.9' at Arnold on the Meramec.  We will continue to watch to try to verify this correlation to help affected residents know about Old Gravois status with regard to high water impact.  This was verified on 11-29-15 (10:00am) on the Meramec @ Arnold with the stage of 39.13'

For all rivers stages within 100 mile radius visit the National Weather Service advanced hydrologic prediction service.

National Weather Service

The National Weather Service has a live radar imagery for you to see what the weather is doing in real time.

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