Re-bicycle 4-16-16 (an Eagle Scout Project)

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Danny S.

Signs to be placed about a week before the event throughout the City of Sunset Hills

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The 6 Routes for Re-Bicycle 4-16-16

Re-Bicycle Route Map
For his Eagle Scout Project, Danny S. plans to work with Green Objectives for Sunset Hills who have been collecting bicycles for refurbishment and reuse back into the community as part of the celebration with Sunset Hills' Earth Day Event.  In 2016, this day will be Saturday, April 16th.  

Danny plans to organize and advertise his effort in this project to the entire City of Sunset Hills.  In his words, Danny says in his project write up, "This particular effort has a direct impact to the end recipients of the refurbished bikes and represents what I see as the greatest opportunity to be of service to others."  Wow, can we hear a "yeah!!!"

Go Sunset

Green Objectives for Sunset Hills,

an adhoc Earth Day group, works with St. Louis Bicycle Works
St. Louis Bicycle Works
to refurbish and reintroduce these otherwise unwanted items back into the community.  They do this by selling them at a reduced cost or encouraging recipients to get involved.  For example, recipients can earn a bike by working in the St. Louis Bicycle Works bicycle shop.  
Again from Danny's write up in his Eagle Scout Project, "It is real 'teaching to fish' rather than 'handing a fish' that motivates my interest here."

If you share in this interest and have a bike you are no longer using, would you like to help out?  Danny can be reached via  email and would love to hear from you.  

Since last Fall, Danny's been planning and looking for volunteers with pick-ups to help on 4-16-16.  There will be members from his own troop and Venturing Crew helping out, but as we all know, many hands make light work.

If you have a bicycle you are no longer using, he would also love to hear from you for pick-up on 4-16-16.  

Thanks for your help in this venture to lighten the clutter and add to the mobility of your community!!!

Look here for updates on the day of the event.  We plan to keep you updated with the latest information on the progress of this project.

Thanks for your support of this effort to help the community and thanks for your support of an institution that helps build character in the leaders of tomorrow via the Boy Scouts of America!.


5-25-15 - Approval of the project proposal was gained from Danny's Scoutmaster.  Several approval levels are still required such as, the Troop Committee Chairman, the Beneficiary, and District & Council level committees.
5-26-15 - A flyer has been drafted up for this project and can be downloaded in PDF file form here.
8-13-15 - Danny went before his District Board of Review for approval of this project.  The project was granted approval with the caveat to check with Council level advancement committee members for a final say in performing the project out of Council.
8-24-15 - Final approval was issued for the project proposal.
9-2-15 - In addition to the project as described, 11 bicycles were picked up from the Madison County Sheriff's Department.  Technically the project now benefits community on both sides of the river.  

 Also, a Facebook page was created.  Please "Like" us at: Facebook logo
9-10-15 - This project delivered the 11 bikes donated by the Madison County Sheriff's Department.  We shot some video today at St. Louis Bicycle Works and posted it to Youtube.  A copy can be found below.
9-13-15 - Received 3 more bikes, 2 BMX frames & handlebars, and 4 wheels.
11-22-15 - A Google Map of the routes for this project were drawn up, balancing the number of streets and home to 6 areas based on the City of Sunset Hills snow removal routes.  A link to that route map can be found here. The stats for each route look like:
Route Stats
11-30-15 - A recruitment presentation was made to Troop 1216.  3 volunteers signed up.
12-7-15 - A recruitment presentation was made to Crew 2039 tonight.  12 volunteers signed up to help.

 These are from Danny's hometown.
Looks like they are catching the spirit of this project too.
 Bikes 9-13-15

1-11-16 - A meeting place has been determined for this project with permission granted by Truman Middle School.  The project presently has 10 youth and 5 adult volunteers.  We should be able to staff 3 of the 6 routes.  We continue to look for volunteers for this event on 4-16-16.  There are also e-mails starting to come in with bicycles and parts for donation to this project from individuals and police agencies.  Danny will answer those inquiries soon.
1-25-16 - Just about 1/2 way there.  A total of 16 of the 36 volunteers needed to cover the entire City have volunteered to help collect bikes on 4-16-16.
2-1-16 - Delivered a couple of wheels, a bike and a Joyrider bike trailer to St. Louis Bicycle Works.  The bikes already delivered as part of this project total 16 bicycles, numerous parts,  a child bike trailer.
2-2-16 - As part of this project, if you have donations you would like delivered outside of the 4-16-16 date, we are picking up bicycles and delivering them to St. Louis Bicycle Works by request.  Here is a PDF file copy of a Conveyance Receipt for this activity to document your donation and our delivery of your bike-related items.
2-25-16 - Three more bikes to deliver to St. Louis Bicycle Works thanks to the Melcher's of Edwardsville today.

Melcher Bikes

3-1-16 - Troop 216 of Glen Carbon donated 6 more bikes, 9 wheels and a seat from their locker. 25 bikes delivered and we are still 6 weeks away from Project Day. Still needing volunteers. 16 are signed up. 20 more and the entire City of Sunset hills could be covered with bike collection on 4-16-16. Easy peazy, get lots dunzee!!!
Troop 216 Donation
3-8-16 - A couple of more volunteers have stepped up.  We are staffed to cover the Red, Purple, & Green routes for this project.  We are hearing about more bike requests for pick-up and another Troop (1039 of Collinsville) who have expressed their desire to help with volunteers.  Drivers will be reimbursed $20 for gas that day and all volunteers will be served lunch for their efforts.  Who's game to make a difference????
3-15-16 - Bicycle #26 was delivered to St. Louis Bicycle Works today.  Thanks Brian Dowd for your donation.
Dowd Donation
3-18-16 - A huge shout out to the folks at the Sunset Hills Chick Fil A.  We just received word that they will be donating food for the volunteers of this effort.  Their Facebook page is at:  
Lovejoy Donation
3-21-16 - We had a donation of a couple of small youth bikes this weekend.  In checking with STLBW, we will be able to donate the small girls bike with the training wheels.  The Big Wheel is plastic and not helpful to their effort.  We will take that to Good Will for donation there.  Bicycle #27 will be delivered to St. Louis Bicycle Works tomorrow night thanks to a donation from Mr. & Mrs. Lovejoy of Edwardsville.
3-24-16 - Four more bikes delivered to St. Louis Bicycle Works.  Thank you Franzel family of Crestwood for your donation.  31 bikes delivered before the event to date.  Signs made and placed in the Sunset Hills Community Center with flyers for the event.  Two more volunteers with pick-up trucks have volunteered to help.  That will open up the 4th of the 6 total routes.  3 more drivers and 13 more youth, and the entire City of Sunset Hills will be covered.
3-25-16 - Got the event on the City's Municipal Complex sign.  Thanks Ryan Taylor for your help in getting the word out!!!
3-28-16 - More volunteers have come on board.  we are getting very close to covering the entire City of Sunset Hills with this project.  We need one more driver (with pickup or trailer) and 8 more youth to cover all the routes.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
3-31-16 - Lost a driver with 2 youth due to work commitments that day.  We now need 10 youth and 2 drivers to cover the entire City on 4-16-16.  Again, we meet at Truman Middle School at 8:45am, on routes by 9am, hope to finish the routes by noon, have lunch (Provided by the good folks at the Sunset Hills Chick-Fil-A), will have a $20 reimbursement for drivers, will perform a real service to the community, and have a great time in the process.  Who's in?!!!!
4-4-16 - This past weekend, we learned of another activity that will be occurring on the same day as our bicycle drive.  It will be at the City Campus and will be a bike rodeo for younger children to get comfortable on their bikes.  They are seeking volunteers to help with the event and Anne Jesse can be contacted at  We picked up another driver and 2 youth from Crew 2039 tonight.  We are now 1 driver and 8 youth away from having a full staff of volunteers to cover the entire City of Sunset Hills on 4-16-16 !!!
Electronic Sign
4-11-16 - After the rain this morning, we hope to get signs up at the entry points into the City.  We've received several calls from residents with questions concerning pick-up on Saturday.  Again, last minute cell phone contact for the project is 314-541-7374.  The project is still 2 drivers (pick-up or cor with trailer) and 8 youth shy of being able to man the entire City of Sunset Hills.  Anyone looking to volunteer can contact Dan at  Our meeting place will be Truman Middle School at 12225 Eddie & Park.  You can also bring your bicycles directly there starting at 9am.  Volunteers will be staffed there to help you unload your bicycle.  
4-5-16 - Fliers are being placed in the field.  Regulations concerning mailbox use are being respected.  We hope to get the word out to as many folks in the City of Sunset Hills as possible. We will also have signs placed on all of the entry points to the City of Sunset Hills starting next week.
4-6-16 - 10 days away and counting.  Route Maps, Route Maps, Route Maps!!!
 - Two more bikes today, a few boxes of parts, a unicycle, and a couple of bike ramps. Still looking for 2 more drivers and 8 youth to cover the entire City of Sunset Hills this Saturday.
Bike Ramps
At the top of the 3pm hour, Dan was able to get on the air with Mark Reardon of KMOX in support of the project this Saturday.  Mark & Dan did a great job of promoting the event this weekend.  Many thanks to Mark Reardon and Fred Bodimer in helping to produce this event!!!  
4-15-16 - Tomorrow at 9am until noon, members of Troop 216, Crew 2039, friends, and family of Dan Searcy will be on 6 routes covering the entire City of Sunset Hills collecting bicycles for St. Louis Bicycle Works.  They will be refurbished and offered for sale or earned by inner City youth via programs where they learn safety, maintenance, and the benefits of riding bicycles.  Volunteers will be fed compliments of Chic-Fil-A of Sunset Hills.  Many people have come together to make this drive a reality for the Green Objectives Committee of Sunset Hills.  Many thanks to all of you for everything you've done and will do to make this project a success.
4-16-16 - 100 bikes collected and sent to St. Louis Bicycle works.  Volunteers were an hour ahead of schedule on their routes.  Many thanks to Eric Benting of the Sunset Hills Chic-Fil-a for feeding our volunteers, to Mark Reardon of KMOX for publicizing the event, to the Green Objectives Committee for their support, to the 27 volunteers who helped, and to the wonderful residents of Sunset Hills for their generous support of this project.

Our First Customer

4-18-16 Bicycles

4-18-16 - Mop up of bicycles that came in late include 23 more.  That brings the total number of bicycles delivered to St. Louis Bicycle Works to 156 and several car loads of parts.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

5-20-16 - Delivered 7 more bikes bringing the project total to 163 bicycles and several carloads of parts to St. Louis Bicycle Works.
6-18-16 - The Village of Glen Carbon Police Department donated 8 unclaimed bicycles from their evidence locker.  This brings the total for the project to 171 bicycles and numerous carloads of bike parts.
Bikes 171 b
7-21-16 - Bicycle #172 was donated by Jason Graklanoff and delivered to St. Louis Bicycle Works today.
Bike 172
8-9-16 - A very nice "Thank You" from Alderman Dee Baebler and the City of Sunset Hills at the August Board of Aldermen Meeting.
Dan Plaque1
Dan Plaque2
8-11-16 - Dan passed his Board of Review and is now an Eagle Scout.
Dan Earns Eagle
9-28-16 - Bicycle #173 was donated by Sunset Hills resident Janet Talbin today.
10-3-16 - These will be the last bikes credited to this project.  11 more were donated by the Madison County Sheriff's Department bringing the total for Dan's project to 184 bicycles and several car loads of parts delivered to St. Louis Bicycle Works.  Thank you everyone for your generosity.  We are looking for another Eagle Scout candidate who would want to take this project over for 2017 Earth Day event.  Contact Herb Pyne at for information.  
Bike #173
Last Bikes