Joint Seal of Concrete Streets

In an effort to keep water from going sub-surface and destroying the sub-base  of concrete streets, The City of Sunset Hills contracts out sections of the City to seal this pavement.   

In 2023, this work will be concentrated on Ward III pavement and include the streets of:

23 Concrete Joint List

A copy of the Bid Package can be found here: /DocumentCenter/View/7978/Bid-Package


  • 1-23-23 - City Staff are assembling the Bid Package for this project.
  • 1-30-23 - The Bid Package was completed and solicited to contractors, newspapers for advertisement, and plan-rooms for bid
  • 2-7-23 - Bids will be received for this work at 10:30am.  Staff will review results and make a recommendation.
Bid Order
Unit Price    ($/Lane Center Mile)
Extended Amount
Sweeten Concrete Services
Parking Lot Maintenance (PLM)
M&H Concrete

(Math verified)

  • 2-14-2- The Board of Aldermen awarded this project to Sweetens Concrete Services.
  • 3-14-23 - A Pre-construction meeting was held and a Notice to Proceed was issued.
  • 3-15-23 - The following depicts the anticipated sequence for this project.   Daily updates on progress can be found below the slideshow.
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PROGRESS    UPDATES   (Continued)

  • 3-16-23 - Rain is predicted.  Weather pending, the entire project should be wrapped up in a week.   Please avoid parking cars in the street during this work.  Sweeten's started on Fall Ridge Trail this morning.  Weather is moving in from the southwest according to radar.  We will see how long they can run today.  The project was rained out at 8:15am.  Sweeten's intends to be back in the morning on Fall Ridge Trail.
  • 3-17-23 - Sweeten's is making substantial progress today.
  • 3-20-23 - City inspection of the work required a meeting with site management to adjust the level of City expectation with regard to communications and quality of work.  Work resumed in the afternoon with better results.
  • 3-21-22 - Sweeten's was able to get in a half-day 
  • 3-22-23 - Weather kept work from being performed on this project today. 
  • 3-23-23 - No work on wet pavement today.  Pavement done thus far will require follow-up work, but streets with first pass of material include: 
    • Burrow
    • Fall Ridge
    • Forest Lawn
    • Fox Court
    • Hidden Valley
    • Hilltop Greens
    • Lockhaven
    • Matthews
    • Roanna
    • Ronnie
    • Sandian
    • Tioga
  • 3-27-23 - Sweeten's is not on-site today due to the wet nature of the joint areas.
  • 3-28-23 - Sweeten's will be in the Crestwick/Doverhill area today.  Rain shut down the operation at 9:30am.
  • 3-29-23 - Sweeten's is back in the Crestwick/Doverhill area today.  


  • 4-1-23 - Weather pending, work on this project should start be complete.  

Location Map

Concrete Streets by Ward