Temporary License Applications

Soliciting Permit Application

All individuals who wish to solicit in the City of Sunset Hills must first obtain a Solicitor's Permit. To apply please see instructions below;

  • Fill out and submit Solicitor Permit application with all required documents
  • A Criminal Record Check from the Missouri Highway Patrol is required as part of the application process. This must be submitted with the application form, along with the following items;
  •  1. A copy of the solicitor’s driver’s license
  •  2. a copy of the certificate of registration with the Missouri Secretary of State
  •  3. a copy of the flyer or brochure that will be handed out for items being sold or  service being offered
  • Turn in application and supporting documentation for review
  • The review process is 5 working days
  • All persons who have been approved to solicit must appear in person with identification during business hours to receive his/her permit card
  • Permit fees are $25 per day per person for the first day,  and $20 per day per person for each additional day
  • Solicitation permit cards must be carried and displayed at all times
  • Soliciting is prohibited in commercial areas, or where “No Trespassing” or “No Soliciting” or similar signs are posted
  • Should the City receive any complaints of aggressive selling tactics or harassment, the City reserves the right to revoke your permit cards immediately and without refund.
  • Hours for solicitation are as follows without exception: 9:00 a.m. until one half hour after the time designated as sunset published for that date in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, or at 7:30 p.m., whichever is earlier.

Temporary Business License Application

The City requires business licenses for all business activity within the city limits. Temporary licenses (PDF) are required for individuals or groups who operate within the city, this includes special events and one time events. All temporary business licenses will be categorized during the review process.

All special events must have a special event application turned in for review by the Board of Aldermen. 

Temporary Food Truck License

Every Food Truck vendor operating within the City limits is required to obtain a Temporary Food Truck License (PDF). The fee is $20 per day of operation.

Temporary Laumeier License Application

All artists and vendors participating in Laumeier events are required to fill out a Laumeier temporary license application with payment before participating in the specific event.

Please note all Food Trucks are licensed separately and per day per Ordinance.  Food Truck Permit